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To be fair to Cats, that is primarily because, again, it’s a dance musical — the actors are dancing the whole time, so their costumes are pores and skin-hugging, mild uniforms out of necessity as a lot as type. During Cats’ development, the T.S. Eliot estate gave Lloyd Webber and Stilgoe access to some of Elliot’s unpublished poems, together with some sadder cat poems, and a few unpublished poetic fragments that make it into “Memory.” The theme of Cats, if Cats may be mentioned to have a theme beyond just cats, is what’s encoded into these different unpublished works of Eliot’s — and that theme is, um, the increasing obscurity and obsolescence of outdated age, and death as an escape from a nihilistic and cruel world. Unlike most profitable Broadway musicals, Cats has so little story that its title essentially doubles because the plot abstract.

The musical includes the properly-known music “Memory” as sung by Grizabella. It feels dropped in from one other musical — it was initially meant to be for an early draft of Lloyd Webber’s 1993 musical Sunset Boulevard, and it might simply be swapped in for any song Norma Desmond sings in that show. But it additionally seems to be broadcast from another airplane of existence altogether, a lot because the outcast, lonely Grizabella has been living a very different life than a lot of the Jellicle cats of their cosseted neighborhood areas. You would possibly know a track from Cats, and that song — the one music you understand, unless you’re a more serious musical theater and/or cat fan — is “Memory.” That’s the song that Grizabella sings on the show’s climax, in any case the other cats reject her when she attempts to reenter the cat group.

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