Beware of the 5 Most Fierce Hunting Dog Breeds

Interested in getting a dog? You shouldn’t just select the dog breed you want to adopt. Some dogs just can’t really lose their aggressiveness. Even though you have been doing training since childhood. They can be very obedient to those who care for them. But can be very fierce towards others. Hunting dogs are one man dog category, only loyal to their master.

Launching from the page, dogs are loyal friends of humans, both male and female. They can be used as guards and hunters. But not all types of dogs can be trained as hunting dogs. There are several types that have a hunter’s instinct in nature. If you hone these instincts, they can get smarter or more violent towards people who give them negative energy. That’s the reason why there are dog breeds that are devoted to helping police work. Intrigued by the fiercest hunting dog breed or breed? Check out the reviews below.

Pit Bull

Everyone already knows how fierce Pit Bull dogs are. They can become very vicious if you do not train since childhood. It’s actually not that hard to train a dog. As long as you can act as a leader, they will not dare to attack anyone.


Herder is well known as a hunting dog. But you can still train him to be good even though you still have to be careful. Try to keep small children near him. We will never know when tragedy will strike.

German Shepherd

Has a well-built body. Muscular and short haired. His face is dark and his body tends to be brown. German Shepherds are quite fierce but can be trained to be good. Suitable for family care.

Belgian Malinois

Apparently similar to the German Shepherd but more energetic and lively. They are known for being aggressive. You can train it easily because the Belgian Malinoise is a very smart dog.
Unfortunately they are very easy to attack, especially if the people nearby look scared. They will accept someone’s fearful gesture as a negative message.


Even though it is adorable, you still need to be vigilant in facing this type of dog. Husky is a dog breed of wolf. Although they can be tamed, their aggressive nature will sometimes appear.