Apart from Poaching, Here Are 7 Causes of Animal Scarcity

Over time, Planet Earth has also undergone changes. These changes are closely related to human activities. In the past, humans did various kinds of work using only simple tools and always emphasized the preservation of nature. After the invention of technology, all kinds of human work became easier and faster. However, technology that continues to develop has a negative impact, especially on the environment. A lot of nature has been damaged due to continuous human activities. From the past, Indonesia has been known for its diversity of flora and fauna, some of which are endemic. However, some species are very difficult to find in the wild, even some are included in the rare category including animals. One-horned rhino, flower tiger, bird of paradise are some examples of native Indonesian animals whose status is at a rare level. Then what are the causes of the scarcity of these animals? Here’s why:

Damage and loss of habitats

As we know, forests are home to most of the animals on this earth. As the human population increases, the need for housing has also increased. It is not surprising that many forests have been converted into residential areas. The conversion of forest functions has an impact on environmental damage, especially forests. Forest damage can be done in several ways, such as illegal logging to the easiest way, namely burning the forest. Destroying forests will certainly have an impact on the loss of shelter for most of the animals. Even forest fires themselves can kill animals that live in the forest and they don’t have time to save themselves. As a result, many animals become difficult to find and their existence is very rare, because their homes have been damaged or even lost.

Illegal hunting

In the past, humans hunted animals in search of food sources to survive. Of course, in those days the hunting tools used were very simple, namely the bow or spear. Along with the development of the times, hunting animals is no longer just a life necessity, but also a hobby. Even the tools used have changed into firearms. Most of the animals that are hunted are usually caught alive or dead, depending on how important the animal is to provide benefits. Such as tigers that are hunted for their characteristic skin, elephants for their tusks only, pythons for their skins, birds of paradise that are hunted to be used as pets or preserved and so on. But not infrequently, some people hunt certain animals because they are considered very dangerous, even though these animals are only trying to find a new place to live or are looking for food.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are also the reason why animals found in Indonesia are becoming scarce. Mount eruptions, drought, tsunami, floods and landslides are some examples of natural disasters that can cause animal scarcity in the wild. Many animals cannot survive to save themselves when natural disasters strike. Even if there were those who could survive, there would not be many. No wonder the number of animal populations in nature is getting smaller and even threatened with extinction.

Illegal Trade

Most of the animals that are hunted are classified as unique animals and are very rarely found in nature. The rarer and more protected these animals are, the more expensive the selling price will be. Most of the animals that are traded are usually used as pets, body parts (skin, ivory, tadukk, or horn) are taken and even consumed by certain parties. Even in certain countries, the business of trading these rare and wild animals is quite a lot, even the regulations that are enforced are not too strict, of course they are traded illegally.

Rising Animal Predators

Predators have a very important role in maintaining the balance of nature. But what happens if the number of predators that occur in nature increases. Of course the balance of nature is disturbed. As is currently the case, according to scientists, dogs are one of the third worst predators after rats and cats. Its existence threatens approximately 200 animal species, including endangered animals. Dogs that are not domesticated or feral are very likely to attack other animals. Even for pet dogs that are released by their owners, it is the same.

Climate change

Biologists warn about the problem of climate change that could threaten the survival of animals around the world. Planet Earth has gone through several phases from hot to cold over millions of years. This change also resulted in the extinction of several animal species, although there are still some animals that are able to survive because they are able to adapt well. However, the current rapid rise in temperature makes it difficult for animals to adapt. These temperature changes affect the animal’s reproductive system as well as migration. Usually, the animals will breed when it enters spring or when the climate warms up. However, at this time spring was happening early so that the ecosystem was disturbed.