Animal Facts That Snakes Most Fear

Snakes are one of the reptiles that are quite feared by other animals as well as humans because of the venom or the coils of snakes that can paralyze and even kill their prey. But it turns out that behind the ferocity of a snake, this scaly animal is also afraid of several animals and tries to immediately avoid it when it meets.

The animal that snakes fear the most

These are the facts about some animals that often prey on snakes so that these animals are most feared by snakes, which are summarized from several sources.

Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is a mammal that is found in Africa, Asia and southern Europe and has been included in The Guinness Book of Records as being the most fearless creature. Even though it looks quite cute, Honey Badger is able to kill a snake by grabbing the back of the snake’s head and then biting it with its strong jaw. Even to finish a snake with a length of 1.5 meters, Honey Badger only takes 15 minutes.
Honey Badger, an animal that is smart enough to know the weaknesses of this opponent, is also very immune to cobra venom. But if he is bitten by a poisonous snake, Honey Badger will pass out and as soon as he realizes he will immediately eat the snake. That’s why this ferocious carnivore is known as a snake hunter.


Armadillo is an animal that is included in this small placental mammal, has a shield on its body that is used to survive in different conditions according to where it lives. Native American animals that live in these various environments, have a normal length of about 75 cm. However, the giant Armadillo can reach 90 cm in length.

The shield on his body is used not only to survive, but also to kill snakes. Armadillo will kill the snake by crashing itself on the snake and the snake will be cut by the Armadillo’s very hard and sharp shell. Hence this species is one species that is not afraid of snakes.


Mongoose is one of the animals most feared by snakes. Seeing the appearance of this cute Mongoose, no one would have thought that this ferret-type animal could paralyze a snake with just a glance.
The way Mongoose preys on snakes is quite unique. When the snake didn’t move, the Mongoose lightning fast bites the snake right on its head using its powerful jaws. Although not too big, this type of animal can kill a cobra 3 meters long.
But unfortunately not completely immune to snake venom. After being exposed to snake venom, this animal takes several hours to recover its strength. After regaining consciousness and recovering its strength, the mangosteen will return to attack the snake and eat it. Usually the first meal to be eaten is the head of the snake.