9 types of ornamental fish that you must know the most expensive

Ornamental fish is a type of fresh or marine fish that is kept for entertainment purposes not for consumption. Collecting various types of ornamental fish has become a hobby for some people, for ornamental fish lovers, collecting various types of beautiful ornamental fish is indeed a matter of pride.

Especially if not everyone can maintain it. But did you know that it turns out that in this world there are beautiful ornamental fish at very fantastic prices, even the prices can be equivalent to the prices of houses and luxury vehicles, you know. Approximately what fish are included in the row of the most expensive ornamental fish in the world? Curious? Come on, find out the answer

Types of Ornamental Fish Most Expensive in the World

Ornamental fish themselves have various types and sizes ranging from small to large. There are ornamental fish that come from the sea and some from fresh water. According to ornamental fish collectors, maintaining sea water ornamental fish is much more complicated than freshwater ornamental fish. One of the reasons is that the feed for sea water ornamental fish is not easy to find such as freshwater ornamental fish. And the costs are of course more expensive. Not only from the various types and sizes, ornamental fish also have various prices, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, up to hundreds of millions or even billions, you know. Even so, price is not a barrier for ornamental fish lovers. They are willing to take out the contents of their wallets just to get beautiful ornamental fish to fill their aquariums. Here we sort the rows of the most expensive ornamental fish in the world from the lowest to the highest,

1. Ornamental Fish Basslet Cand

Candy basslet fish is a type of sea water fish that is commonly found in Caribbean waters. This fish has a beautiful and very beautiful color, and this is what attracts ornamental fish lovers in the world. Now there are many people who breed this type of fish so it is not so difficult to get it.

2. Clarion Angelfish Ornamental Fish

This clarion angelfish is a type of sea water fish named after one of the most beautiful islands off the Pacific coast of Mexico, part of the Revillagigedo Islands. This fish has a bright color and is very beautiful. To be able to maintain it, we need to get permission from the Mexican government.

3. Ornamental Fish Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

The wrought iron butterfly is a type of tiny fish that is found in Japanese waters, has a black to gray base color with an additional yellow stripe.

4. Australian Flathead Perch Ornamental Fish

This Australian flathead fish is one type of ornamental fish that is difficult to catch because these ornamental fish often hide behind corals. Naturally, if it is priced so expensive because to get it, you need to dive to the bottom of the sea.

5. Neptune Grouper Ornamental Fish

This neptune grouper fish is one of the unique ornamental fish, because the color of the neptune grouper has a different color when it is young and adult. The light neptune grouper will be a yellow orange color, while when it matures it will be pink with a bright yellow hue.

6. Golden Basslet Ornamental Fish

This golden basslet fish is small about 1.5 inches and is found in Caribbean waters which are very difficult to find because of its small size and likes to hide behind corals.

7. Ornamental Fish Peppermint Angelfish

According to data from ilmusiana.com, this ornamental fish is classified as very rare. It was first displayed in public in 2012 after being found by a research team expedition from the Smithsonian Institute.

8. Stingray Polkadot Ornamental Fish

Polkadot stingray is a freshwater stingray originating from the Xingu river, Brazil. The basic color of this fish is black with yellowish-white dots on the upper body. In their natural habitat, this fish lives in slow waters with sand at its base so if you intend to keep this fish in an aquarium it requires a large enough water tank and is set with sand as its surface.

9. Platinum Arowana Fish

Here comes the most expensive ornamental fish in the world. This platinum arowana can be roasted in the waters of Africa, America and Southeast Asia. Because it is so expensive, the body of this platinum arowana is given a chip in order to differentiate it from other fish. In general, this fish displays red, green, yellow, and silver colors.

Yes, that’s a row of the most expensive ornamental fish in the world, ranging in price from tens of millions to billions of rupiah. After knowing the price, are fish lovers still interested in making it a collection in an aquarium? All decisions are back to each other, the most important thing is that your hobby and interest in ornamental fish collections do not have a bad effect on marine and freshwater ecosystems. And don’t forget that this ornamental fish functions only as aesthetics, yes, if for consumption there are many other fish as can be seen on the Fish Innovation Products page.