9 Most populated Animals on Earth

We know the earth is wide. There are many living things that inhabit it, ranging from humans, animals, plants, insects, even germs and bacteria. The number also continues to grow every day. But here there are some living things in which there are so many, which can be said to exist in almost all parts of the earth. Below are the animals with the largest population on earth.


It is not wrong that ants are among the animals with the largest number of populations. We often see ants everywhere, in the house, in the room, even in the toilet. There are about 12,000 groups of ants.
Ants are indeed animals that live in large groups or commonly referred to as colonies. The number of colonies can reach thousands. This animal, which is included in the Himnenoptera order, dominates almost all regions of the earth, except in some places such as Greenland, Hawaii, and Iceland.


This animal is one of the animals with the largest population, although mosquitoes are also often killed because of their bad impact on human health. There are about 3,500 known species of mosquitoes and most types of mosquitoes transmit diseases to humans, such as dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and the very dangerous West nile virus.


Who would have thought this notoriously dirty animal had such a large population. Cockroaches rarely appear together, and they prefer to live in cramped and humid places. The number of their species reaches 4,000 with 6 families scattered throughout the earth except the arctic regions. Strong immune system and their fast reproduction, make the number of cockroaches increase very quickly. It is possible that in your house now there are hundreds of cockroaches nesting, but it is not known.


Bees as well as ants enter the order himnenoptera. They also live in large colonies that can number in the thousands. There are 20,000 species of bees in the world. They give a big share in the process of pollinating flowers.


Animals that live in the soil are very helpful for soil fertility. The shape may seem disgusting, but earthworms also have many benefits for the treatment of certain diseases. Earthworms are included in the most populous animal in the world, this is only natural considering that soil is everywhere and earthworms live in it. Their number is very large.


TTiku are mammals that are included in the family muridae. They usually live on rooftops and in warehouses. The species of mice that we most often encounter are mice and mice, they exist in almost all parts of the earth. Although rats are often considered as pests, but rats are also organisms that are important in biological processes. Some types of mice can also be used as pets, you know.


Termites enter the isoptera nation. They are still related to ants and have almost the same behavior. But termites often cause economic losses because they eat wooden furniture or house frames. In English termites are called white ants “white ant”


These nocturnal animals usually live in caves with a very large number of groups, even in one cave there can be 1-5 million bats, depending on the size of the cave. They consist of 400 species scattered in each region and the most famous of which is the vampire bat which sucks blood for food.


The thought of caterpillars already makes people itchy and disgusted. Caterpillars are considered a pest by farmers and are always being eradicated, but that doesn’t necessarily reduce the caterpillar population because they reproduce rapidly.

Even though the above animals have an extraordinary population, we as humans must still protect them. Do not let the ants and others in a few decades become extinct because of our treatment. Love animals because they are also divine creatures.