9 Best and Most Trusted Cat Vitamin Recommendations

When you get a cat, it’s not just about feeding and drinking. In order for this hairy quadrupede to remain healthy and have a long life, you must start giving vitamins. Even in its development, currently there are more and more cat vitamin recommendations as evidence that cat lovers who care about cat health continue to grow.

Compared to five or a decade ago, nowadays cat owners have more and more choices from food, accessories, medicine to cat vitamin recommendations. Of course, in order to provide the best treatment to your beloved anabul (feathered child), you must first know the nutrition and nutritional intake they really need.

Especially in the rainy season like now and maybe later during the transition, there are many diseases that can attack cats, ranging from parasitic worms, bacterial infections to deadly virus attacks. The only way to keep your cat healthy and immune to disease is to provide the right vitamins regularly as well as high nutritious foods.

It’s just that not all cat owners care and understand enough about the types of vitamins and nutrients that cats need. With the benefits of vitamins that are very good for cat’s immune system, studying a series of cat vitamin recommendations should be considered by cat lovers.

Vitamins and Nutrients Cats Need

Before going further about the list of recommendations for cat vitamins, it’s good that you know the vitamins and nutrients that are most needed by anabol. Just like humans, vitamin supplements can make a cat’s body resistance to disease stronger so that they can live long. Of course you want to have a cat that can be a dozen years old, right?

Well, in addition to highly nutritious food, vaccines from veterinarians, environmental cleanliness and affection from humans, giving the right vitamins is a factor in the long life of cats. The following are the benefits of vitamins and nutrients that cats need:

1. Vitamin A: Good for eye health in cats
2. Vitamin B: With various variants from B1, B2, Niacin, B9, B12 to B complex, they play an important role in metabolism. In addition, B vitamins also function to convert food into energy, work on the nervous system, digestive health and increase appetite and the immune system.
3. Vitamin C: Able to help increase endurance.
4. Vitamin D: Prevents paralysis as well as disorders of the cat’s bones.
5. Vitamin E content: Fertilizer and grow cat hair.
6. Vitamin K: Helps prevent blood clots.
7. Protein: As the main nutrient needed by cats because it functions for healthy skin, fur, claws to antibodies
8.Omega-3 and 6 fats: essential fatty acids that are essential for brain development, vision development, heart health and the immune system

With the various benefits provided, you could say that the vitamins and nutrients above are very important for the cat’s body. As a cat owner, you certainly have to choose a cat vitamin recommendation which of course contains the nutrients above, so that anabol’s health can really be obtained optimally.

Recommended 9 Best Cat Vitamin Brands

Because there are more and more cat lovers nowadays, it is not difficult to buy supplements for cats. You can buy it at pet shops, animal pharmacies to veterinarians. Of course, the price of cat vitamin products is clearly diverse, where the higher the quality, the more expensive it is. In order not to be mistaken, here are 9 recommendations for cat vitamins to choose from:

1. Nutri-plus Gel

Best most recommended for cats and other pets. As a multivitamin nutritional supplement that combines vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Nutri-plus Gel is even recommended by veterinarians. Nutri-plus Gel can be given to cats while they are growing, breastfeeding or after being sick.Usually, the dose of Nutri-plus Gel is only for corn kernels for sick adult cats. With the content of vitamins A, B complex, D, E, fat, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iron and others.

2. Dinovite

The dinovite brand is one of the recommended products for cat vitamins, especially for those of you who are just raising anabol. Instead of capsules or tablets, Dinovite is liquid so it is not complicated and easy to swallow. Dinovite contains Feline Liquid which consists of vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, amino acids to zinc. Suitable for cats of all ages, dinovite also reduces hair loss and can be added to their diet.

3. NuPro

Has the cat recently gotten sick or had surgery to lose weight? Then NuPro can be chosen to make anabol more fat and agile again. NuPro contains quite complex nutrients from enzymes, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids and of course vitamins. NuPro can be given every day by mixing it in food. If you have a long-haired cat like Persian or Turkish Angora, NuPro can be a consideration, especially because it is a cream that is easy to consume.

4. Kala Health

The next recommendation for cat vitamins is Kala Health, whose product variants can also be used by humans. Called safe and without side effects, Kala Health is one of the best vitamins for cats. This product can help increase appetite, stimulate hair growth and boost the immune system.
With the chewable tablet form, the cat will have no trouble swallowing it. It’s just that getting Kala Health is quite difficult because the majority is available online.

5. Nutri + gen

The advantage of Nutri + gen is that it contains collagen so that it can help to make hair thick and smooth. With a gel-like shape, giving Nutri + genes can be mixed into food. Apart from Omega-3, Nutri + gene is also said to be able to overcome digestive problems and eradicate bacteria in the body. This product is sold at a fairly expensive price.

6. FaVor

Cat looks sluggish and lazy to eat? You can consider using FaVor. This vitamin product from Pfizer is indeed quite complete because it contains protein, fiber, nutrients to fat. Usually giving FaVor between 2-3 tablets per day and can help restore the cat’s immune system.

7. PET Ultimates

As an overseas product, PET Ultimates is one of the best cat vitamin recommendations. The main advantage of PET Ultimates is that it is a probiotic vitamin so that it can increase appetite, nutrition as well as fight infections in the cat’s body. With its powder form, giving PET Ultimates is very easy.

8. Virbac Megaderm

Just like Nutri-plus Gel, Megaderm is also produced by Virbac. It’s just that this product is a recommendation for cat vitamins for hair health. Omega-3 and 6 function to strengthen hair down to the roots so that growth will be brighter, thicker and thicker. With 8 ml package.

9. The Missing Link

Unlike other products, the shape of The Missing Link is like cat food, so you don’t have to bother giving it. If you want to fatten your cat, the Ultimate Feline Formula variant is perfect because it contains Omega-3 and Omega-6. Meanwhile, for cats with sensitive skin and hair loss, you can provide a Skin Coat type. Given the abundance of vitamin products for cats, it’s a good idea to buy the one that best suits your cat. Know first the health condition of the cat, so that giving vitamins can be right. Even if necessary, consult a veterinarian first.

Because the prices offered in the list of cat vitamin recommendations above are very different, make sure to buy the one that fits your abilities and needs. That way the cat can be healthy and you will still be prosperous.