7 Tips for Buying Cats at the Pet Shop For Beginners

Raising pets is now a hobby that has turned into a lifestyle that is loved by many people. One type of animal that is widely used as a pet is a cat.The high public interest in raising cats has made various pet shops provide cats for adoption. For those who want to buy or adopt a cat, especially a young one at the pet shop, here are some tips that can be done so that the cat you get is in good health and in normal circumstances.

1. Age

Before buying a cat, the first thing to consider is its age. This condition needs to be considered because the treatment that needs to be done is certainly different for each cat.
In addition, the condition of a cat’s personality and habits and physical form of course also differ at each age. Cats that are still small or in other terms are referred to as kittens, of course they will look more adorable but require higher supervision. When choosing a kitten, the cat should have enough age to be able to live independently and feed on its own. The cat you want to buy is at least 3 months old.

2. Vaccinations

Unlike the situation when deciding to take care of a stray cat as a pet, asking whether the cat in the pet shop has been vaccinated is one of the tips for buying a cat at a pet shop that needs attention. Cats that come from pet shops are certainly susceptible to various diseases so that the initial vaccination carried out on cats can provide protection against the possibility of problems with their health and there will be no impact on the cat being not vaccinated.

3. Check health conditions

The most important tips for buying a cat in a pet shop is to pay attention to its health condition. The health of a cat in a pet shop can be known by paying attention to several parts of the cat’s body, including the eyes must be bright clean, the ears look clean, the living part is dry and there is no discharge, and the mouth and teeth are clean and look clean.

4. Check for normalcy in all parts of the body

Another thing that also needs to be considered before buying a cat at a pet shop besides paying attention to its health condition is to see whether all parts of the body, especially its movement organs, can function normally. To pay attention to the normal condition of this function, pay attention to some of the sensory conditions in the cat’s body and its means of movement such as legs and stairs whether it looks normal to function or not.

5. Cat behavior

A healthy cat will certainly have normal behavior according to their age. Pay attention to the cat’s behavior before buying it at the pet shop whether it can move agile and doesn’t look limp and has the nature of always wanting to play like the normal nature of a cat who is still small or young. If the cat that will be selected is sleeping then try to wake him up to find out the behavior of the cat. When watching your cat’s behavior, also pay attention to any signs of depression.

6. Test the level of taming against yourself

The step that also needs to be done when choosing a cat in the pet shop to be a pet is to pay attention to the tame of the cat to yourself. This condition can be identified by inviting the cat to play, if the cat is very enthusiastic and shows no signs of malignancy then maybe the cat is a suitable cat to be kept. Do some ways to make the cat tame to us if needed.

7. Ask the type of food and some other needs of the cat

After you need to choose a cat in the pet shop, don’t forget to ask about the identity of the cat and the type of food that should be given according to habits when in the pet shop environment and how to care for it. This is necessary so that the cat can immediately adapt well and grow normally and have maintained health. Mistakes in feeding the type of food to cats can certainly cause cats to refuse to eat.

Those are some tips for buying a cat at a pet shop that everyone who wants to choose a cat to pay attention to. Some of the things described above need to be considered so that the selected cat has a good health condition and is in normal conditions. Take a few steps or ways to treat a pampered cat to immediately improve emotional connection with the pet.