6 Ways to Get Rid of Shrinked Rats for a Healthy and Clean House

A Powerful Trick to Get Rid of Shrinked Rats at Home Apart from being disgusting, shredded mice that enter the home environment have the potential to make residents susceptible to disease due to the excrement of rats that stick to furniture or harmful viruses that stick to their hair. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the right shredded mice so that your house is free from the spread of viruses that can cause various dangerous diseases, such as leptospirosis, bubonic plague, or HPS disease.

Make use of essential

The first way to get rid of shrewed mice is to use essential oils. You can choose clove or peppermint scented oils that mice don’t like. Spread the scent using a diffuser or by dipping a cotton ball in essential oil to apply it to areas where rats often pass. Not only effective in repelling rats, the use of essential oils is ready to make the room fresh and fragrant.

Using a Mouse Trap Tool

Using traps as a method of repelling mice from shrew is the most common and easy to do. You only need to put traps in a number of areas of the house by adding bait in the form of delicious food to tempt mice into trapping. If the mice have been trapped, make sure you wear a mask and gloves when disposing of the mice so they don’t catch disease.

Use Rat Poison

The next way to get rid of shrewed mice is to use rat poison which is spread at several points in the home environment. Although this method of getting rid of shrewed mice is very effective, unfortunately shrewed mice cannot die immediately and it takes several days so that the mice may die in places that are not visible and difficult to reach. If there are small children and pets in the house, reconsider how to get rid of shredded mice with this poison, yes!

Use Mouse Glue

Another tip, you can use mouse glue which is widely available in the market. How to get rid of shredded mice can be done by applying glue to plywood or thick cardboard, then placing the food in the middle to trap the mice.

This method of repelling shriveled mice using glue is considered safe because it usually does not contain toxins or harmful substances for humans and does not cause odors so it is safe to place in the kitchen area. To be more effective, make sure you choose the mouse glue with the strongest adhesion power.

Use Natural Ingredients

If some of the ways to get rid of mice above are not safe, you can take advantage of natural ingredients that are very easy to get. Spread out herbs that mice don’t like, like onion slices, shredded mint leaves, cloves, or ground pepper. Some of these natural ingredients can also be used as a way to repel geckos at home, you know!

In addition, you can also mix baking soda with food that rats like, place durian skin in areas where rats often pass, spray liquid from noni fruit that has been crushed and dissolved, and spread soursop leaf pieces in areas of the house where rats often pass. These natural ingredients are not liked by mice, so they are very effective as a way to repel mice.

Use Pest Control Services

If the rat population in your home is too large and difficult to eradicate, you can use a pest control service or pest control, which has its own method of repelling mice. Make sure you use professional pest control services, have good credibility, and are supported by certified experts, yes!