6 Things to Consider Before Adopting Pets

One of the ways to help the animal shelter (shelter) is a dog or cat, but before reporting, there are a number of things you should respond to:

Need Commitment From You & Your Family

Think about who will take the pet – walk, play, feed it, or take it to the vet. Are you ready to commit?

Do a survey in the environment around you

You should start paying attention to the environment around your house. Is there a park to take pets on a walk? Nearest vet location? And most importantly, do your neighbors also like pets?

Watch the dog’s activity level

Active dog breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Akita, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd require activities outside the home, if you are the type of person who does not like outdoor activities, you should choose a dog whose activity is too high and prefers to stay inside the house. For example, the Maltese or Chihuahua.

The type of dog (breeding) is the main determinant

Often times potential adopters only want certain types. In fact, mixed breed dogs / cats have the same level of loyalty and intelligence as the purebred. All you need to know is the size of the animal that fits your home and also the nutritional needs they need.

Don’t make a distinction between senior dogs and cats

Senior dogs / cats need love just like puppies / cats. The thing you need to see when a senior dog / cat notices is that they need extra attention to their health.

Make decisions wisely

When it comes to animal shelters, don’t let your emotions control your brain. Emotional conditions will lead to inappropriate decisions. Calm yourself down and do not try your hand at whether the animal of your choice suits you, as well as your family and environment.

Are you ready to deploy the dogs / cats? If so, immediately go to the nearest shelter