6 cat breeds that are friendly with dogs

Cats and dogs are often seen as two pets that never get along, so they can’t be kept in the same place. Cats always raise their backs and hiss whenever they meet a dog, while dogs may bark when they meet a cat.
However, do you know, it turns out that there are several cat breeds that are friendly with dogs, you know. This is because some of these cat breeds act like dogs. They like to be around humans, want to be invited to play catching games, and some of them even like to play in the water.
If you want to adopt a cat when you already have a pet dog at home, here are the cat breeds to consider, because they can be friendly with your pet dog:

1.American Shorthair

Easygoing and affectionate in nature, the American Shorthair is a breed of cat that is known to be a brother or sister to dogs. According to Natalie Marks, DVM, cat specialist and veterinarian partner Royal Canin, these cat breeds are highly sociable, confident and playful. They also enjoy playing with housemates, including the family pet dog.

2.Japanese Bobtail

These cats with their distinctive pom-pom tails consider themselves part of the family and want to join in all activities, including snuggling up next to you and your puppy on the couch, e-mailing you, or greeting friends at the door. Japanese bobtails love to have fun and make great siblings to house dogs.


This cat breed originating from Russia is very friendly and confident around other cats and dogs in the house. Siberian cat might be the leader of all the pets in your house.
Their large size weighing up to 7 kilograms or their fluffy and luxurious looking coat may make a Siberian cat confident. As the ‘leader’ in the cat world, Siberia is everyone’s friend.

4.Maine Coon

If you invite to throw and catch the ball, your dog and the Maine Coon cat may compete for the ball first. This breed of cat originating from America is strong and born for activity, but they are also easygoing and get along well with other members of their furry family.

5.British Shorthair

It’s not only their easy-going nature that makes the British Shorthair a perfect companion for your dog, but also their physique. Teresa Keiger, judge from the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) revealed that the British Shorthair has a body that is heavy and muscular, so they are ready to play physically with pet dogs.


If you are worried that your puppy will be lonely when you go to work, you may want to adopt a Birman into the family. The beautiful appearance of this cat breed and its luxurious fur may make you doubt whether Birman cats can get along well with dogs. However, in fact, Birman likes to play chasing, even picking up the ball, so it can be the best playmate for your dog.
Those are some cat breeds that can be considered as friends for your pet dog. Of course, having a good relationship between two types of pets takes time. However, the cat breeds above are usually good friends with dogs.