5 Ways to Stop a Puppy from Biting and Chewing on Things

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They explore the world with their mouths and newly grown teeth. Unfortunately, their exploration did not stop at chew toy. Your child’s shoes, furniture, sofa, pillows, toys, and various other objects are included in the list of target bites.

This is a habit that must be controlled immediately. The reason is, this is not only detrimental to you, but also dangerous for your health. What if one of those things was sharp and injured him? Surely you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Why do puppies like to bite things?

Biting or chewing is normal behavior for dogs. For puppies, chewing an object will strengthen their jaw and relieve anxiety. Like babies, puppies also feel uncomfortable when their teeth are growing, and chewing something will make them feel better.
Apart from teething, boredom is also one of the driving factors for dogs to chew and bite. As you know, dogs are social animals and they need to interact with dogs or other creatures. If they don’t get enough attention or training, they’ll take it out by “smashing” things in your house.

Protect your furniture

Before completing the basic training, it’s a good idea to limit the nerves’ access in the house. Most people place untrained puppies in the kitchen. So if they make a mess or pee in the open, you can easily clean them up. After that, cover all the furniture that the puppy can roughly reach. Squat down to see from his vantage point below. See anything that will attract his attention. Cover all cables and make sure the socket is securely protected.

Give him a chew toy

Chewing can relieve gum pain as the puppy’s teeth begin to grow. Plus, the chew toy keeps him stimulated too. To prevent her from settling her teeth in the furniture, give her an adequate chew toy.Toys that dogs have proven to love are rubber toys, sound dolls, and bone toys made of nylon. No matter what, don’t give old shoes or socks as toys. This will make them confused about what is a toy, and what is not.

Rotate the chew toy

Because puppies bite things to get rid of boredom, it would be nice if you change the toys they use every day. That way, he will not quickly get bored with the bite toy. In essence, keep him from boredom so that his attention is not diverted to the furniture in your house.


Train him by giving him treats whenever he obeys orders Try offering him treats while he is chewing something that shouldn’t be. Apart from being able to save the item he is chewing on, this method is also useful for teaching the “Give” command to your puppy. After he removes the bite, give him a treat. Over time, he will come to understand that “Give” means to take off whatever item he is chewing or chewing.

Provide adequate exercise

He said that an exhausted puppy is a happy puppy. So, give it enough play time. Let him run around. Take him for a walk around your neighborhood. Don’t just keep him in the house. Puppies are always looking for ways to burn off their energy. If you don’t ask him to exercise, the remaining energy in his body will be spent messing up the house and munching on the furniture he can reach. Which one do you choose?