5 Tips for Carrying Pets by Car

Many people have pets such as dogs or cats in their homes. Inviting a pet to travel a long distance or close by using a car is also fun and enjoyable. There is no prohibition against taking pets by car. However, keep in mind there are a number of things that must be considered before and while traveling with your pet.


Before starting the trip, make sure the dog or cat you are invited to have received basic vaccines or additional vaccines to protect them from exposure to disease during the trip. It’s a good idea to do a little research about the telephone number or location of the vet 24 hours along the route.
The reason is, if the pet is sick, the comfort of the people during the trip is disturbed. In addition, it is not impossible that human health in the cabin of the vehicle is also affected.

Special Room

Provide a special room for the dog or cat for their comfort plus the comfort of the people in the cabin. If possible, position the animals in the third row and use a pet carrier or cargo barrier. Consider buying a cargo tray to protect the floor of the trunk.

However, if the area is used entirely for luggage, put the dog or cat in the pet carrier in the back seat. Do not position in the front seat as this can increase the risk of injury in the scenario of sudden braking or an accident.

If the animals being brought are dogs, they may not be kept in kennels. However, have ready the straps so that they do not roam in the cabin along the way.

Various ‘Personal’ Equipment

Do not forget about a variety of personal equipment for pets, especially special foods and drinks. Also take their portable litter box, collapsible lunch and drink boxes, and their medicines – if any. Also prepare an identity necklace for them with your name and contacts. To avoid dehydration, especially during summer trips, prepare a bowl of ice that the cat can lick at to keep it from overheating. This can be a neater option during travel.

Also, bring pet items or toys such as chew toys (for dogs) which can be useful if the animal is restless on the way. What’s more, a dog can usually be calmer if it is kept busy.
Meanwhile, cats need to be allowed to cheek rub on the car and spread their scent to be more familiar with the environment. You can also put your cat’s bed, blanket, or towel in the car so he feels “at home”.

Do not leave the cabin

Do not leave dogs or cats alone in the cabin. On a sunny day, the temperature of parked vehicles can increase in a short time, potentially resulting in excessive heat shock, even with windows open. If you are forced to leave them because their destination does not allow them, you must turn on the engine and air conditioner. That too, should not be left too long.

Take it for a walk

Arriving at the destination, take the dog on a leash. This is necessary so that he can be relaxed and comfortable. Even trained dogs can feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar locations