5 Reasons Dogs Bite and Attack Humans

A possessive dog

Dogs also have a high sense of possessiveness or ownership of something, be it kennels, houses, toys, food, even to their owners. Guard dogs and family dogs may have a strong sense of possessiveness for something. However, basically all dogs have this taste.


The fear that dogs experience will create a special alert for them. Dog fear is usually directed at strangers he has never seen, for example at the vet or mail deliverer, or even at you who just happen to come across and stop in front of the house fence they guard.

A dog’s fear can also develop in situations that are unusual for him. Don’t startle your dog, disturb him while sleeping, or sneak around. This will shock him and eventually bite him.

In anticipation of a dog bite or attack, avoid approaching strangers. Teach children to do the same.


The pain that dogs, including pit bulls, can cause them to attack and bite humans. Pain can also make a dog that is familiar with humans fierce.

Protecting family or valuable assets

Dogs also have a maternal instinct to protect their families or their value. Dogs tend to be grumpy when they have young children.

The object is moving

Have you ever seen a person running after a dog? There’s a reason dogs attack people running or cycling. To quote Cesar’s Way, the best way to stop being chased by dogs is to stand up straight and freeze for a few moments while facing the dog. However, don’t make eye contact with your dog so that it doesn’t feel even more challenged.

If this is the case, the dog will feel that you are no longer attractive to him and look for new things again.