5 Milk Alternatives for Kittens that are Easy to Find

Have you ever met kittens that were abandoned by their mothers? Moreover, the kitten is just born, can’t eat yet and must drink milk? The milk you give to kittens can’t be arbitrary! Cats cannot accept the lactose found in cow’s milk, therefore the milk you give your kitten must be safe for your cat! you want to know what? see, 5 milk alternatives for kittens that you can easily find.

Breastfeed Other Cats

Like humans, the best milk for babies is breastmilk itself. but what if the mother cat isn’t there? well, you can find another mother cat who wants to give her milk to your kitten! but remember babes, not all mother cats want to give milk to other kittens, because it’s not her own child. if something like that happens or you don’t find a mother cat who is breastfeeding, then the next alternative is perfect for you!

Growssy Cat Milk

Growssy cat milk is an alternative to cat milk that is very easy to find. Growssy Cat Milk contains ingredients that can boost your kitten’s immune system. in addition, its low lactose content also makes it digested quickly. You can find Growssy Cat Milk in pet shops, online e-commerce and even at the nearest pet food store from your home.

Royal Canin Babycat Milk

who doesn’t know Royal Canin? It turns out that Royal Canin has milk specially formulated for kittens born to 2 months of age. Royal Canin Babycat Milk also contains DHA found in mother cat’s milk which can help your kitten’s cognitive development. Even though the Royal Canin Babycat Milk is somewhat pricey, Cat Lovers claim that this milk is the best alternative milk substitute. You can find this Royal Canin Babycat Milk at the nearest Pet Shop or buy it online at your e-commerce subscription!


well, if you have trouble finding the type of cat milk above, you can use human milk! you know? is it safe? calm down babes, don’t worry! SGM LLM + can really be a milk alternative for your kitten. SGM LLM + milk does not contain lactose which can make your kitten experience digestive disorders. the aroma is also a little savory and rancid which makes your cat love it. but, to give this milk, you have to brew it with warm water as thin as possible for your kitten! You can easily find SGM LLM + milk in supermarkets, baby milk stores or at your favorite online shop.

Bear Brand Milk

who doesn’t know Nestle Bear Brand or bear milk? This milk, which is often found in the nearest convenience store in your house, can actually be an alternative milk for your cat! Bear Brand milk does not contain lactose babe, so you don’t have to worry about giving this milk to your kitten!