5 Hybrid Animals From Cross-Mating

Hybrid animals or animals are animals that result from a mixed marriage between two animals of different species that are still in one gene. In every Hybrid experiment that is carried out, it often fails. Despite their success, these interbreed animals are not very perfect. Sometimes have problems with abnormal anatomy and also health problems. Here are five cross-bred animals as quoted on the Mnn.com page.


is a cross-breeding between male lions and female tigers. Ligers are called the biggest cats ever. Some female ligers can grow to be up to 10 feet long and weigh over 700 pounds.


is the result of the cross-breeding of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and fake killer whales. Wholpins are roughly the same size as their parent species. However, their number of teeth is not the same. If the bottlenose dolphin has 88 teeth, the whale has 44 teeth, Wholpin has 66 teeth. Wholphin lives in captivity in Sea Life, Hawaii, USA.

Savannah cat

is the result of a cross between the Serval wild cat from Africa with a Georgia domestic cat. The Savannah is one of the longest cat breeds in the world. This miniature version of the cheetah is very loyal to the owner like a dog.

Grolar Bear

is a combination of a bear with gray fur and a polar white bear. Some experts predict that even if they have been mated, polar bears will not be able to live in hot areas as well as gray bears. But in fact, the results of this crossbreeding can live in hot areas because they have to adapt to their environment.


is the result of a cross-breeding of a male horse with a female zebra, a male donkey with a female zebra and also a male zebra with a horse or a female donkey. This interbreeding occurred in the early 19th century. However, the children of this crossbreeding are not completely perfect, there are only a few children who have the shape of a donkey with stripes on the body like a zebra. The development of cross-breeding is also known in several types, namely Zorse, Zonkey and Zony.