5 facts about the Marvelous spatuletail bird that has a beautiful tail

The Marvelous spatuletail is one of the interesting birds that live in the Andes Mountains. Marvelous spatuletail or which has the scientific name Loddigesia mirabilis belongs to the Trochilidae family and the Loddigesia genus, just like other hummingbirds. This bird has a physical form that is very exotic and certainly attracts anyone who sees this bird.
Well, it is certainly interesting not to know the various kinds of information behind this beautiful bird. So consider the following facts.

1. Endemic birds from Peru

The Marvelous spatuletail is one of the unique birds that can only be found in northern Peru, precisely in the Rio Utchubamba area. In this area is a plateau, which is still in the mainland area of ​​the Amazon in Peru. While this bird was first discovered by collector Andrew Matthews in 1835, it has been identified as a type of hummingbird.

2. Has a small size and a beautiful tail

Marvelous spatuletail is a small and exotic bird species, because it has a length of only 15 cm. However, this bird is a medium-sized hummingbird, and the female is smaller than the male. The physical shape of this bird is also very interesting, because it has a unique tail that looks like a spatula. So this bird is nicknamed the marvelous spatuletail, and has a variety of colors consisting of green, blue, white and black which are so amazing.

3. The food is in the form of nectar from flowers

The main food of this Marvelous spatuletail is the same nectar as most other hummingbirds, because it has a long beak. In addition, this bird also spends a lot of time in the trees, looking for food from flowers, especially red lilies.

4. Including birds that have sexual dimorphism

Marvelous spatuletail is a beautiful bird which is famous for its tail which is shaped like a spatula. Usually this bird’s tail is used as a means of attracting the attention of the female when the mating period arrives. This is because this bird is sexual dimorphism, in which the physical characteristics of females and males are different.

5. Including rare and endangered birds

Marvelous spatuletail is a rare animal species that only inhabit a small area in northern Peru. In fact, this bird is included in the endangered category according to the IUCN Red List, because its population is decreasing from year to year. The reduced population of this bird is due to reduced habitat, as well as rampant deforestation.

However, there have been various captivity and rehabilitation efforts to increase the population of this beautiful bird, especially in the Pomacochas area.Those are some interesting facts about the Marvelous spatuletail bird which is an endemic animal from Peru. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge.