5 Diseases Transmitted from Animals

Eating a variety of animal meats does have many benefits for the body. For example, meeting the needs of nutritional intake ranging from protein, fat, vitamins, to carbohydrates. Besides being consumed, certain animals can also be used as pets which have many benefits, because this activity can get rid of loneliness, stress, and can even improve body health.

However, there are times when these animals can cause a series of problems for the body. The reason is, there are several diseases that can be transmitted from animals. Well, here’s the explanation:

1. Rabies

According to experts, this disease is caused by the lyssaviruses virus which is transmitted to humans from animals that have contracted the disease. The mode of transmission of this disease can be through saliva which enters the human body through a bite. Not only that, this disease can also be transmitted through scratches if previously the rabid animal had licked its nails. In addition, in some cases, someone has contracted rabies because an animal infected with rabies has licked a wound on his body.

Now, when someone is infected with rabies, this disease can also be transmitted from human to human. However, until now what has been proven is transmission through organ transplants or transplants.

As with other viral diseases, the time for the rabies virus to incubate varies widely. However, according to virologists this can usually incubate between two weeks to three months.

Well, after entering the body through the bite of an infected animal, this virus will multiply in the body it is hosting. The next stage, the virus will go to the nerve endings and continue to the spinal cord, until the brain with reproduction that occurs very fast. It doesn’t stop there, this virus can also spread to the lungs, kidneys, liver, salivary glands and other organs.

2. Herpes B

According to infectious disease experts, the herpes B virus can be transmitted through the saliva of monkeys or monkeys. You have to be vigilant, because this virus is potentially deadly. According to experts, herpes B can cause encephalitis (brain trade), which is difficult to predict the progress of the disease. Therefore, prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment are the main keys in managing this condition.

3. Toxoplasma

Not only rabies, said cat experts, it can also transmit toxoplasmosis. According to the above experts, toxoplasma can be exposed to humans if they come into contact with contaminated cat feces or consume contaminated food and drink.

For those of you who are pregnant, you need to be careful of this disease. The reason is, experts are very worried that this virus can spread from mother to fetus. The worst thing is that Toxoplasma has the potential to cause infection in the womb, which can cause miscarriage, birth defects, and even death in the womb. What needs to be known, severe toxoplasma can cause damage to the eyes, brain and other organs.

4. Lyme

This disease is a condition in the form of a malignant infection that attacks the immune system. Not only that, but Lyme disease can also cause encephalitis, meningitis, and paralysis. Experts say lyme is caused by tick bites that live on animals such as birds, deer and mice.

Now, because the bite from a tick is accompanied by a small red rash on the skin that doesn’t hurt, many people don’t realize that they have been bitten by the tick. This rash may subside or disappear within 1-2 weeks and is sometimes accompanied by high fever, sore muscles and swollen joints.

5. Salmonellosis

This disease transmitted from animals does not only attack humans through plague contamination and eating raw eggs alone. Salmonellosis can also be transmitted through faeces with infected pets.

Experts say that someone who has salmonella will usually experience diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps within 12 to 72 hours of infection. Then, what animals can transmit this disease? According to experts, ducks, birds, dogs, chickens, horses, lizards, snakes and turtles can transmit this disease to the human body.