5 Causes of Sudden Death of Rabbits

For you ornamental rabbit lovers or rabbit breeders, see this important info. Sometimes rabbits can die suddenly, what are the causes of rabbits dying suddenly?

Because the Rabbit is Sick

The first point that causes a rabbit to die is due to illness, and he can develop disease because of the bacteria that enter his body or his weak immune system. So even though the pain comes from the Creator, we still try to prevent it.

You do this by caring for the cage, cleaning the place, removing dirt and paying attention to his daily diet. But if your rabbit is already sick then just treat it without delay or even being left alone. Just imagine, rabbits that have been treated may not be completely cured, let alone not treated at all.

Inadequate Rabbit Food

One of the reasons your rabbits die is due to food factors or improper feeding. For example, my friend gives food that contains preservatives and chemicals, so that the rabbit is poisoned. Or it could be because the staple food is not clean and contains parasites.

Like a rabbit who is fed vegetables, but it turns out that the vegetables have not been washed clean, so the chemicals and parasites have not been removed. This can poison the rabbit and die. Therefore, give it nutritious and highly nutritious feed so that the rabbit’s body condition is always healthy.

Hungry Rabbit

This case still occurs among animal lovers. They should be as busy as possible, not forgetting to give him healthy food.

Due to Psychic Factors

Rabbits are also living things like living things in general. He needs happiness and stresses easily. This condition can occur if there is no attention from the owner, for example rabbits are rarely invited outside and are kept in cages so that they are stressed.

Then the rabbits fight but are not separated by their owners so they are stressed. What is clear is that this should not happen, even though the rabbit is naughty, it still needs attention like the others. I’m sorry he could die suddenly because he was not happy. Invite to play in the afternoon or morning so that the rabbit does not die because it is psychologically disturbed.

Lack of Interaction

The last reason rabbits die is lack of interaction from their owners. It should be noted, however, that the lack of communication with rabbits can also be the cause of the rabbit’s death. And this has something to do with the fourth point, rabbits can die because you always ignore them and rarely invite them to play and communicate, aka ignorant, so they are lonely.