4 Unique Facts About Sugar Glider – Sugar Glider Marsupial Village

As sugar glider lovers, of course you really love your sugar glider, it feels incomplete if we don’t know interesting facts about the sugar glider that you have.

• First Sugar gliders have a physical shape similar to a squirrel. Female sugar gliders have abdominal pouches like kangaroos and koalas that are useful for storing young.

Yes, the process is like this. At the time of childbirth, the female parent will lick the pouch as a way for the small, embryo-shaped child to enter the mother’s pouch. The child, which is like an embryo, will try to get into the mother’s bag, when the child cannot enter the mother’s bag, it can be said to be reject, meaning that the child will die. After entering the parent bag, the young sugar glider will be raised in the bag for about 2 months. The process of the child while in the bag can be referred to as IP which means In Pouch or in the bag. Then the child will come out of the mother’s bag because the child is getting big and it is not possible to enter the bag again. This event is referred to as OOP which means Out of Pouch or out of the pocket.

• These two animals are also called pocket animals, because of their small shape so they can be carried anywhere.

Because of its cute shape, the sugar glider will enter when you put it in the bag. Actually, not only because of its size that can fit into a pocket, but because it likes dark, comfortable places, it will automatically enter its pocket. But before that you have to get used to your sugar gliders to get into the pocket since childhood. , so that when he grows up he is accustomed and comfortable to fit into his pocket.

• Third Active at night, they have wide eyes to see in the dark. Its ears will also rotate to locate prey in the dark.

Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, namely animals that are active at night and sleep during the day. Unlike most other animals which are usually active during the day and sleep at night. Nocturnal animals have very sharp senses of hearing, sight, and smell, which is certainly needed when on activities at dark nights. Some nocturnal animals have vision that can adapt to lighting during the day or at night.

• The four Sugar gliders are group animals

Sugar gliders are animals in groups or colonies. a colony is a living organism, both unicellular and multicellular can exist as separate individuals or as aggregates (groups) which are independent of one another