7 Venomous Snake Nests Around the World

Many say that the appearance of the Cobra was caused by climate change which “messed up” the chain of their life, so they are now reproducing in large numbers.

Snakes do look scary, especially venomous ones. But if you don’t attack, you shouldn’t kill it right away. Call security or animal control so you can beat it. If you are an ophidiophobia or someone who has a phobia of snakes, you should not come to these places:

Queensland, Australia

Queensland is home to two of the most venomous snake species in the world, the Inland Taipan Snake and the Eastern Brown Snake. The venom of these two snakes can kill in a matter of minutes. The venom of the Inland Taipan Snake is said to be more dangerous than the Eastern Brown Snake.

Snake Island, Brazil

Golden Lancehead Snakes inhabit this island. Reportedly the number of deaths on this island is very high due to the poisonous snake attack. On this island, there is a lighthouse that once lived in a family. Unfortunately, the family had to die from a poisonous snake bite.

Manitoba, Canada

If you are not someone who can stay relaxed when you meet a snake, then … Read More

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Here are 4 Safe Tips for Caring for Pets Amid the Corona Pandemic

Recently, news broke that several animals, such as a tiger named Nadia in the United States, a dog in Hong Kong, and a cat in Belgium, were also exposed to Covid-19. These animals are suspected of being infected with the corona because they often interact with humans. This certainly makes animal owners worry that their pets will be exposed to the corona virus. And as a result, many animal owners finally decide to give up their pets.

However, you don’t need to worry too much, huh. Because at this time, the transmission of the corona virus from animals to humans or vice versa, and also between animals and animals has not been scientifically proven. Even so, it’s a good idea to keep your pets clean or healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are 5 tips that you can apply.

The first thing you should do is maintain interaction with pets during the corona pandemic. The Covid-19 case that occurs in pets is thought to be due to the intense interaction of the owner who is suspected of being positive for Covid-19. So, if there is a suspicion that the owner has been exposed to Covid-19, you should avoid interacting with … Read More

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6 Ways to Get Rid of Shrinked Rats for a Healthy and Clean House

A Powerful Trick to Get Rid of Shrinked Rats at Home Apart from being disgusting, shredded mice that enter the home environment have the potential to make residents susceptible to disease due to the excrement of rats that stick to furniture or harmful viruses that stick to their hair. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the right shredded mice so that your house is free from the spread of viruses that can cause various dangerous diseases, such as leptospirosis, bubonic plague, or HPS disease.

Make use of essential

The first way to get rid of shrewed mice is to use essential oils. You can choose clove or peppermint scented oils that mice don’t like. Spread the scent using a diffuser or by dipping a cotton ball in essential oil to apply it to areas where rats often pass. Not only effective in repelling rats, the use of essential oils is ready to make the room fresh and fragrant.

Using a Mouse Trap Tool

Using traps as a method of repelling mice from shrew is the most common and easy to do. You only need to put traps in a number of areas of the house by adding bait … Read More

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