The dodo bird and where it lives

In the modern world, they have become real symbols of the struggle for the conservation of endangered animal species. It is believed that the last dodos died more than 300 years ago, so scientists don’t know much about them. Nevertheless, some interesting facts about the life of these strange birds have survived to this day.

It is not known exactly how the dodo ended up on the island of Mauritius, which is located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. It is believed that they were the ancestors of ancient pigeons who accidentally landed on its shores and remained here to live. Birds find new comfortable habitats and breed well, developing for hundreds of years. Gradually, they forgot how to fly and became much bigger. The first dodo was seen only in 1598, when the first Dutch settlers arrived on the island of Mauritius. In other parts of the world, the bird has never lived. After 65 years, all dodos became extinct. The last time a man managed to see a dodo was in 1662.

Before people came to the island, no one hunted birds

The Mauritian dodo is a peaceful bird that lives a quiet life. Not a single … Read More

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5 Hybrid Animals From Cross-Mating

Hybrid animals or animals are animals that result from a mixed marriage between two animals of different species that are still in one gene. In every Hybrid experiment that is carried out, it often fails. Despite their success, these interbreed animals are not very perfect. Sometimes have problems with abnormal anatomy and also health problems. Here are five cross-bred animals as quoted on the page.


is a cross-breeding between male lions and female tigers. Ligers are called the biggest cats ever. Some female ligers can grow to be up to 10 feet long and weigh over 700 pounds.


is the result of the cross-breeding of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and fake killer whales. Wholpins are roughly the same size as their parent species. However, their number of teeth is not the same. If the bottlenose dolphin has 88 teeth, the whale has 44 teeth, Wholpin has 66 teeth. Wholphin lives in captivity in Sea Life, Hawaii, USA.

Savannah cat

is the result of a cross between the Serval wild cat from Africa with a Georgia domestic cat. The Savannah is one of the longest cat breeds in the world. This miniature version of the cheetah is very loyal … Read More

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5 Tips for Carrying Pets by Car

Many people have pets such as dogs or cats in their homes. Inviting a pet to travel a long distance or close by using a car is also fun and enjoyable. There is no prohibition against taking pets by car. However, keep in mind there are a number of things that must be considered before and while traveling with your pet.


Before starting the trip, make sure the dog or cat you are invited to have received basic vaccines or additional vaccines to protect them from exposure to disease during the trip. It’s a good idea to do a little research about the telephone number or location of the vet 24 hours along the route.
The reason is, if the pet is sick, the comfort of the people during the trip is disturbed. In addition, it is not impossible that human health in the cabin of the vehicle is also affected.

Special Room

Provide a special room for the dog or cat for their comfort plus the comfort of the people in the cabin. If possible, position the animals in the third row and use a pet carrier or cargo barrier. Consider buying a cargo tray to protect the … Read More

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