These 4 Tips on Safe Caring for Pets Amid Corona Pandemic

Not long ago, news revealed that some animals such as a tiger named Nadia in the United States, a dog in Hong Kong, and a cat in Belgium, were exposed to Covid-19. The animals are suspected to be infected with corona because they often interact with humans. This certainly makes animal owners worried that their exposure will be exposed to the corona virus. And as a result, many animal owners have finally decided to release their pet.

However, you don’t need to worry too much. Because at this time, the transmission of the corona virus from animals to humans or vice versa, and also between animals and animals has not been scientifically proven. Even so, it’s a good idea to keep your pet clean or healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keep Interaction

The first thing you should do is to maintain interaction with pets during the corona pandemic. Cases of Covid-19 that occur in pets are suspected due to the intense interaction of the owner who is suspected to be positive for Covid-19. So, if there is a suspicion that the owner is exposed to Covid-19, you should avoid interacting with his pet. Leave an animal or ask for help … Read More

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Not Just A Foamy Mouth, This Is Another Characteristic Of Rabies Infected Dogs

Getting to know the characteristics of rabies dogs is not only important for the owners of these furry animals, but also for everyone. This is because the virus that causes this disease is dangerous, including humans. Rabies is found in many places. Every year, rabies causes the death of more than 50 thousand people and millions of animals worldwide. Although it can affect all mammals, in fact this disease is more associated as a disease in dogs. That is why, countries like the United States require pet dogs to be vaccinated.

Causes of rabies

Animals affected by rabies contain thousands of viruses that cause this disease in their saliva. That is why, one way of transmission is by biting, or contacting the saliva with an open wound. In America, carriers of this disease virus are wild animals such as bats, raccoons, skunks to foxes. Therefore, pet dogs will have a higher risk of developing this disease when they often come into contact with these animals.

Characteristics and symptoms of rabies

After being bitten or exposed to a rabid animal, the rabies virus in dogs will not cause any symptoms until it reaches the brain. After that the rabies virus will … Read More

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Fantastic! 4 Most expensive cat breeds in the world

As a mammal, cat is one of the beloved animals that are loved by many people. Some breeds even become the most expensive cats in the world.Unlike today, it turns out that in its time the cat was once considered a pet that could only be owned by certain people such as the aristocracy, even in ancient Egypt, the cat became one of the purified animals because it was believed to be a messenger of gods.

Like animals in general, cats also have a variety of different races and each race has its own uniqueness. Starting from the nature, face shape, body posture, tail length, and feathers to distinguish each race. The more unique the shape will certainly be increasingly rare, it causes the price of cats to be able to touch a fantastic price. So what kind of cat breeds are those that are classified as the most expensive cats?

Scottish Fold

Different from most cats who have erect ears, this cute cat is very famous for the shape of its ears that are folded forward. It gives the impression of a cat’s face as if it looks round.

In its history, Scottish Fold was discovered by a shepherd … Read More

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