11 Ways to Perform First Aid When Bitten by a Rattlesnake.

Cobras have been a serious topic of conversation lately. The reason is suddenly found hundreds of cobra cubs that have just hatched and spread to various residential areas.It is not uncommon for residents to suddenly find baby cobras around the house or even in a closed room even though the location is far from a garden or swamp, as the snake’s habitat should be.
Because of this phenomenon, eventually many people are restless and don’t know what to do when bitten by a poisonous snake or cobra. If he imitated film scenes, he said the first thing to do was to suck the snake venom into the body. In fact it is totally wrong and dangerous to do. Instead of being cured, snake venom can be swallowed and causes death for those who smoke.

Do not panic

Who isn’t surprised when bitten by a snake? But don’t panic in shock. Try to stay calm and try to remember what kind of snake pecked you. Remember the snake’s color, shape, size, and time and place of occurrence. Because these things will be very helpful when medical treatment comes. It will be easier for medical personnel to provide treatment or medication according to the type of snake that attacks you.

Don’t Move Too Much

The way to perform first aid when bitten by a second snake is to try to slow the spread of snake venom. It is hoped that the victim will not move much. In addition, position the bite wound lower than other limbs. This is so that the snake venom that enters the body does not spread rapidly to other lower body members.

Clean the wound and cover with a dry cloth

Furthermore, the way to perform first aid when bitten by a snake is to clean the bite wound. But pay close attention, you are prohibited from cleaning the water bite wound by washing it with water. Just clean the area around the wound with a dry cloth and make sure your hands are wearing gloves or don’t have a wound that could be a gap for the snake venom to enter. Also cover the wound with a dry cloth before getting medical help.

Take off the ring or watch

If you get a rattlesnake bite on the hand, then the way to do the first aid is to remove the ring or watch on the hand that was bitten by the snake. The goal is to reduce swelling that can damage your deep tissues.

Loosen the clothes worn

Almost the same as the previous point, loosening clothes worn when exposed to a snake bite is a way of doing first aid with the aim of not obstructing blood flow and can damage tissue.

Seek immediate medical attention

You should never ignore a snake bite. After you do the methods above, then seek medical help immediately. Here are some hospitals that provide serum or medicine to treat snake bites:

Manipulating Wounds

If this is what you have to do, then next is what you shouldn’t do when you are bitten by a poisonous snake. This is an important factor as well as a way to perform first aid when bitten by a poisonous snake. What is meant by manipulating the wound is by sucking the snake venom that enters the body or cutting the skin in the hope that the venom that enters the body can come out together with the blood. This is not true and will actually worsen the condition of the victim who was bitten by the snake.

Rubbing the wound with chemicals or applying hot / cold water

As already explained, do not expose rattlesnake bites to water or other chemicals. It’s best to let the wound dry and go to a hospital that provides venom or anti-venom immediately.

Tying the Snake Bite Area

Tie the bite of a rattlesnake can slow down the spread of poison, understand this, of course we often hear. But actually this is a fatal mistake! Because the binding is often not on target and actually results in the death of the entire lower tissue that is tied up. In the worst case this can result in amputation.

Do not give the victim any drink

Anyone who has been bitten by a snake is strongly advised not to put anything in the mouth including liquids such as water, alcohol, or coffee. Because this can cause the victim to choke, especially in the victim who lost consciousness.

Trying to Catch Snakes

There is an opinion that the snake bite can heal itself. This is also wrong! Never try to chase and catch snakes. Why?
Because at first the snake might even bite you in another place which causes the snake venom in your body to increase. The two of these things actually make your body move more so that the spread of toxins is faster.
The best way to perform first aid when bitten by a snake is to move quickly to seek medical help while doing things that can slow the spread of snake venom into the body.