10 Tips for Cleaning a Good and Correct Cat Cage

Many of us may not or may not even have a special cage for our beloved cat at home. The cat that we raise, maybe we just let go of it inside the house or even in our yard. And indeed, cats should not be kept in cages, because basically cats are tame animals and can be trained to live according to our rules.

But some of us also provide cat cages for the cat. Some of the basic reasons are because they use the cat cage when the cat is not allowed to roam in the room of the house, this may be due to reasons such as; when there is an event at home where many people are at home or when the door of the house is being opened, so that the cat does not run out of the house. These reasons are what make us think of providing a quality and inexpensive aluminum cat cage that is comfortable and good for your beloved cat at home.

The definition of a cat cage here is a cage that also functions as a place to live for the cat which is also available catlitter or a place to litter for our cats. Especially if in our house there is not enough large yard where the cat can throw away or cover its own litter. Well, if you want to know, not tips for cleaning a cat cage that is good and correct so as not to give off an unpleasant odor in our home, let’s consider the following tips:

  1. Clean the cat cage regularly at least once a day and don’t forget to replace the sand in the litter box every time you clean the cage then wash the litter box clean.
  2. Make sure there is air circulation in the cat cage so that it doesn’t create odors in the room used for the cat cage.
  3. Spray all parts of the cage with water, but this does not need to be done every day, just once a week.
  4. Spray disinfectant on each side of the cage, then brush it clean on each side of the cat cage.
  5. If you see your cat pooping, immediately clean it, because the litter that settles for too long and smells will reduce their mood for eating and doing activities. Especially if the cat’s litter gets stepped on by the cat’s feet as a result, their feces will be carried everywhere.
  6. Sand should always be replaced every day, at least once a day, because cat litter that settles for too long will trigger viruses such as toxoplasma and attack our beloved cat. You don’t want that to happen to your cat, right ??
  7. Sand that is exposed to cat litter should be thrown away immediately, but for users of Zeolite sand or washing sand who feel it is a shame to throw it away, the sand should be washed after use, as one of the countermeasures from viruses that will emerge.
  8. Dry the sand and the box under the hot sun, until it is completely dry, this is so that the remaining germs that are still alive due to disinfectant resistance die from the heat of the sun.
  9. Spray air freshener perfume so that the smell of the room returns fragrant and so that our beloved cat also feels at home there and we are comfortable when entering our cat’s room.
  10. Don’t forget to bathe the cat regularly so that its health is maintained.
    So, those are 10 tips that we can give in cleaning a cat cage that is good and correct.