10 Simple Ways to Determine If Your Puppy Is Healthy?

Congratulations .. You are ready to have a new family member ..
But keep the following in mind when you buy. So that later you don’t regret and blame each other with the seller.Where did you buy the Puppy? Pet Shop? Individual? Kennel? Is there a warranty from them? can it be trusted? Simple things to find out if the puppy is in good health?

  1. Generally puppies will respond positively if you approach, or as if talking to them .. pay close attention .. Healthy puppies will be excited, not limp or droop. If he is sleeping, try to wake up slowly. see the reaction. Healthy puppies are generally lively and playful.
  2. Look at the eyes, the eyes must be clean, not filled with eye discharge, not blurry or cloudy.
  3. Ears, ears must be clean, odorless, not dirty or festering / fluid
  4. Skin: smooth skin, no wounds, ulcers or redness
  5. Take a quick look at the dog’s anatomy / body, whether its legs are bent, lame, etc.
  6. Tongue / Gums: pink in color, not pale pink or blackish. except for certain types of dogs such as the chow – chow
  7. Ask the vaccine book, pay attention to the vaccine label, has it been signed by the veterinarian / veterinarian / clinic stamp? (Personal experience: When I bought Tekel, I had the Parvo vaccine, the pet shop said that next month at Vaskin it was complete, but only a week had been hit by Distemper). Also make sure the vaccines are given at least 2 weeks, because it takes time for the puppy’s body for the vaccine to work. If today is vaccinated, then in the next few days there is still a chance that he will catch the disease.
  8. Puppies are very happy to eat, look at their appetite … if they don’t want to eat, try to be more vigilant, whether they’re just full or sick.
  9. Nose: normally a dog’s nose is slightly wet / moist, the liquid is clear. If the discharge is cloudy or yellow / green it is a sign the puppy is unwell.
  10. Look at the “poop” (feces): No liquid / loose stools especially if it’s bleeding. Even if he has diarrhea, it is not necessarily sick, there may be a change in food, but beware rather than regretting it
    If you have any doubts, it’s best to come back in a few days. Don’t be afraid if the puppy has already been bought by someone else. If he is “match” with you, then the child is yours. Or you can bring your vet to check. Or ask the seller about the warranty. Some give just one day, some a week, some two weeks, some even up to 3 months.