10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Apart from cats, dogs are also one of the pets that are in great demand by many people. This dog is known as man’s best friend, easy to train, easy to get close to people, can be a guardian, and smart. If you have previously known TahuPedia about the most expensive type of cat, this time it is the dog’s turn. Which breed or breed has the most expensive price? Could you be interested in buying it? Here is the complete list.

10. Pharaoh Hound – 7,500 USD

An iconic breed of dog from Malta. In Maltese, this dog has another name Kelb tal-Fenek which means Rabbit Dog. So named because the Pharaoh Hound is often used to hunt rabbits. They are very smart, easy to train, and very athletic. Their normal weight ranges from 45 to 55 pounds with male height between 23-25 ​​”and females around 21-24″. For the price of 7,500 USD, Pharaoh Hound has an age range between 11 to 14 years. Maintaining it is practically tricky. Pharaoh Hound is very sensitive to stress. Just like humans, stress can lead to a number of health problems. Pharaoh Hound if you have stress can experience health problems such as digestive and nervous problems.

9. Dogo Argentino – 8,000 USD

Seeing its shape, maybe someone can already guess what the purpose of this dog is. Dogo Argentino, that’s the name of this dog. He has great characteristics, muscular, and frightening. Very often used for hunting. The animals that are usually hunted are wild boar in South America and Asia. Dogo Argentino was first bred in 1928 with its predecessors namely the Cordoba Fighting Dog and Great Dane types. For this type of Cordoda Fighting Dog has long been extinct. Its very dominant nature makes a number of countries forbid their citizens to look after Dogo Argentino. Examples are the UK, Colorado and New York. The average age is between 12 and 14 years.

8. Canadian Eskimo Dog – 8,750 USD

In the eyes of ordinary people or those who do not really understand dogs will think that this is a Husky breed. But actually, this dog is a type of Canadian Eskimo. Included in one type of dog that is quite rare in the world. To have it, you have to spend up to 8,750 USD.
Canadian Eskimo origin from Siberia and then brought to America about 1,000 years ago. Over time, this type of dog decreases in number. The discovery of snowmobile and mass murder in 1950-1970 are two big reasons for its declining population. The mass murder was carried out with the aim that it is not over population. But it turns out the Canadian Eskimo is difficult to increase again in number. It is very territorial so it is not recommended to be a family dog.

7. English Bulldog – 9,000 USD

British Bulldog or English Bulldog has a moderate body shape. His wrinkled face and nose coming in are 2 things that make him very unique and funny. It’s clear this dog came from English soil. Even so, this type of dog is a dog that is very popular in the world.
The price is estimated at 9,000 USD. But the high purchase price is not the only price you have to pay. The English Bulldog has quite a lot of health problems if you don’t care for them well. So, you must prepare with a reserve fund if you intend to maintain the English Bulldog. Even so, English Bulldog can be an appropriate playmate for children.

6. Rottweiler – 9,000 USD

Rottweilers are a common breed of dog. But apparently this dog is included in one of the most expensive types of dogs in the world. You need to know that this Rottweiler costs 9,000 USD. This Rottweiler has a variety of functions. On the one hand can be a playmate for children, another benefit is as a guard dog. For dogs that are quite a favorite, this type of dog turned out to treat them quite troublesome. All health problems that occur in dogs, can be found here. So if you don’t pay special attention to his health, you will routinely go back and forth to the vet. About the age, Rottweilers can be up to 8 to 10 years old.

5. Azawakh – 9,500 USD

If there are still those who are not familiar with this type of dog can be considered reasonable. Azawakh breed is relatively new because it was only developed in 2019. It did not take long, Azawakh breed soon became the target of dog lovers who automatically increased in price.
The price of this dog is known to reach 9,500 USD per animal. Imported from West Africa, Azawakh was used as a hunting dog. When compared with hunting dogs from Middle Eastern and South Indian hound, this dog still has a close relationship. Azawakh can be aged between 12 to 15 years and must be invited to exercise regularly.

4. Tibetan Mastiff – 10,000 USD

From its name namely Tibetan Mastiff, it is predictable from where this dog tastes, namely Tibet. Its origin is indeed from Tibet, but this dog has been spread and sold to several countries such as America and Europe. This dog has the characteristics of a large body, thick fur, and a frightening face. In Tibet, this dog is used as a guard dog. Tibetan Mastiff is trained and given the task of guarding sheep from predators such as wolves, leopards, and bears. This dog can grow up to 150 pounds for males. There are no serious health problems from Tibetan Mastiff, general palling around hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye anomalies.

3. Chow Chow – 11,000 USD

Having a large stature, full of fur, and an adorable round face, one would immediately know what kind of dog it is. Chow Chow, that’s the name. This type of dog is a type of dog that came from the Bamboo Curtain country, China. Included in one of the oldest dogs and quite rare in the world.
Mentioning a rare word surely you already know where the next direction of conversation is price. If the price is reasonable because this is a rare dog, to be able to have a Chow Chow you have to spend as deep as 11,000 USD. On average Chow Chow can be 8 to 12 years old if treated well. Don’t forget, Chow Chow needs regular exercise to keep his body healthy and agile. But they are also quite stubborn so it is rather difficult to teach him.

2. Löwchen – 12,000 USD

In Indonesia, it may be still rather rare for people to have this type of dog. Lowchen or Little Lion Dog, that’s the name for this type of dog. Origin originated from France and became a very popular dog breed in Europe. It is known that the Lowchen breed is classified as a rare dog.
Scarcity clearly affects the price. Lowchen is estimated to cost 12,000 USD. But from the difficulty and the high price, you can get the perfect pet for the family. Lowchen doesn’t have many health problems and is also very active.

1. Samoyed – 14,000 USD

The popularity of the Samoyed dog is now at a high level. This dog has thick fluffy fur that is very nice when hugged. Samoyed is also very easy to train and very friendly. Very often seen Samoyed dog videos on a number of social media that shows that Samoyed can be very familiar playing with children. Behind the popularity of Samoyed, also affects the price. For one Samoyed it can be worth up to 14,000 USD. Coming from Siberia, you who want to keep Samoyed not only have to deal with expensive prices. Samoyed care is also quite troublesome. Starting from not familiar with the hot climate, they also save a lot of health problems such as corneal dystrophy, autoimmune, and cardiac.